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Best Spring Skin Care Routine Steps

Best Spring Skin Care Routine Steps

Spring is the time for beauty❤. But we usually meet spring with pale, dull, dehydrated and tired skin after winter, dry hands, flaky heels and electrifying hair.

In this post, we'll explain the differences between spring skin care and what products you should have in your cosmetic bag to bloom like the May rose.

A daily spring skincare routine

The basic care steps - cleansing --> toning --> cream - do not change. But, of course, spring facial care has its own peculiarities.

Step 1: Cleansing

In spring, choose light textures for removing your makeup: e.g., cleansing lotions, hydrophilic oils or micellar water. Leave heavy, greasy makeup removal creams until next winter.

For oily and problematic skin, opt for gentle sulfate-free gels in spring. For dry and sensitive skin, choose airy foams. It's a good idea to use a vitamin and antioxidant complex in your cleanser.

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Step 2: Toning

In spring, use moisturizing, antioxidant toners or hydrolates for your skin type to tone your face. For oily and problematic skin, use witch hazel, sage, rosemary. For dry and sensitive skin, use chamomile, lavender and lime.

Skin after winter is dehydrated and requires additional moisturizing. Therefore, in the springtime, add moisturizing sprays and thermal waters to your care.

Step 3: Facial Cream for Spring

Switch from thick, protective winter creams to lighter textures like cream, souffle, mousse, or rich emulsion. But do not jump at once to super-light fluids and gels. In spring, your skin needs lipids (oils, ceramides) to support the epidermal barrier weakened by winter frosts, winds and temperature changes.

Spring is a great time for vitamin creams and creams from anti-stress and detox lines. Such products are indispensable for tired and dull skin after winter.

They increase local immunity and skin defense systems, improve microcirculation, slightly brighten, moisturize, smooth, fight the signs of fatigue, revitalize, improve complexion, give freshness and radiance. Just what you need after a hard winter.

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