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Why do women choose Dead Sea Shop cosmetics?

Why do women choose Dead Sea Shop cosmetics?

Everyone dreams of natural and high-quality cosmetics. The advantage is usually given to dead sea cosmetics - many positive reviews are written about them, because the components included in the composition are unique, and the cosmetics themselves are high-tech.

If your cosmetic bag is missing such care products, this article will be a great way to get acquainted with the latest beauty products from Israel. Below we present the features of the use of dead sea cosmetics, as well as the principles of its action.

There is an opinion that it is impossible to make cosmetics without adding chemicals, so many women are distrustful of natural products. However, those girls who use dead sea cosmetics, have experienced that such products are ideal for facial care.

The Dead Sea differs significantly from most water basins because it contains much less salt (about 30%). Seas and oceans often contain as much as 75% salt. Only the Dead Sea has a low percentage of salt, but substances such as copper, zinc, cobalt, and ions of magnesium, potassium, calcium and bromine are abundant. According to studies, these trace elements are quite close in chemical composition to human blood. Another undeniable advantage is the presence of healing sediment in the water, that is mud or silt. Therefore, cosmetics, created in Israel, contain many useful and natural ingredients.

Advantages of Dead Sea cosmetics:

  1. Natural composition. Israel cosmetics contain no esters of acids, sodium sulfates, mineral oils and aggressive synthetic substances.
  2. An innovative approach to the creation of cosmetics, compliance with all international safety standards.
  3. Constant research and tests prove that our products are of the highest quality.
  4. A wide range of professional lines of cosmetics.
  5. The therapeutic effect is established.
  6. Simple and easy to apply.
  7. Persistence of cosmetics.
  8. Claimed hypoallergenicity of all products.
  9. Cosmetics are not tested on animals.

Cosmetics from Israel are also ideal for women during pregnancy and for young mothers who have difficulties using their usual cosmetic products. After all, the quality and composition of cosmetics affect not only the woman, but also her baby. For example, some product lines have a powder that includes minerals. Not only will it have no harmful effect on the baby, but it will help to hide the circles under the eyes and skin flaws, which often arise due to poor health, toxicosis, or lack of sleep.

Such products are also suitable for women with oily skin - due to the presence of minerals in the composition, sebum secret is quickly absorbed, and the face looks fresh and matte. Now you know what the benefits of Dead Sea cosmetics are.

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