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Heroic Men Skin Care Kit

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This smooth products harness the power of Dead Sea minerals to provide skin with a rich, nourishing experience. Pearl powder and Vitamin E revitalize cells and prevent oxidation, boosting the skin's vibrant, youthful appearance. Wheat germ oil, squalane oil, and hyaluronic acid combine for a gentle infusion of moisture, embracing skin with firming hydration that lasts.

1. MEN Gel Serum Face & Eye, 50 ml
Function: Revitalize cells, prevent oxidation, moisturize

How to use: Pat onto face with a pad or sponge and massage until fully absorbed. For daily use.

2. MEN Divinity Moisturizer Face And Baldness, 50ml
Function: Moisturize, maintain the skin natural moisture balance, feeling smooth and revitalize.

How to use: Massage into clean face and neck until fully absorbed. For daily use. Also for use on the scalp.

3. MEN Noble Smoothing Pre-Shaving Gel Shampoo, 150ml
For all skin and hair types.
Function: Antioxidants, keeps skin energized andvelvety-smooth

How to use: Lather into wet hair and rinse well. Spread generously on damp facial skin, massage in a circular motion until alight foam has formed, and rinse with lukewarm water. For daily use.

4. MEN Valour After Shave Balm, 150ml
For all skin types.
Function: Invigorate cells, clean, refresh

How to use: Spread evenly over face and neck after shaving. Massage until fully absorbed. For daily use.