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Body care on a trip: what to take and what not

Body care on a trip: what to take and what not

Don't stop caring for yourself while traveling! It brings not only a pleasant experience, but also a lot of trouble. We will tell you about the difficulties of skin care while traveling. Read also tips on how to make the trip not affect your condition of the skin of the body and face.

What if I have a lot of luggage?

One of the first problems is that there is no place in the suitcase for cosmetics. You want to take a lot or a little, it does not matter. Still have to put aside half. Trust us, you won’t be able to use all the skin care products you’re used to. You need a hard minimum.

Bring one of your favorite bath accessories

If you are used to body peeling or are worried that you will have ingrown hair after hair removal, this problem does not require taking a lot of scrub and peeling, heavy salt or something else on a trip. Just bring a body massage brush with you, which will replace any exfoliating body product for 10-15 days. A prerequisite is that you need to use it with every shower, so that no epidermis particles remain on the skin.

Bring your shower gel with you

Do not expect that you make good use of the cosmetics that are in the hotel in the bathroom. Often, even in good hotels, these are very cheap remedies from which you may start itching and peeling. This will ruin your journey! If you don’t have a mini bottle of your shower gel, just pour the right amount into a small plastic bottle.

A great solution is a piece of solid soap that is lightweight and safe in a bag. Solid soap does not spill over your things, but it cleanses and tones the skin of the body well. We like Body & Massage Black Mud Soap by Shemen Amour with Dead Sea mud that exfoliates and cares for skin daily.

Moisturize even if you're traveling

Support your body skin and apply a moisturizer every time after a shower. You need rest, especially after a long flight on an airplane, traveling for many hours by train or bus, when the whole body requires rest and careful handling. After shower cream helps relieve swelling, a gentle massage stimulates the flow of lymph, and your body thanks you!

If you are traveling to hot countries, you need a delicate cream that does not create oily skin. If you relax a little to the north, where there is no heat, you can enjoy skin care with natural oils. They are perfectly absorbed after a shower into wet skin.

We have chosen for you a universal cream with natural argan oil and Dead Sea minerals, it is light and moisturizes well, the volume is 100 ml, good for traveling. It is Argan Oil Body Cream by Moroccan Spa, just use it every day for great results.

What is the main thing for hair on a trip?

Travel hair is affected by temperature, humidity, air conditioning on the plane and hard water in different places. You can wash your hair daily or every 2-3 days, depending on the type of your hair, oiliness and dryness. The main thing you should pay attention to is protecting your hair from the sun and salt water, if you are at sea, from water with chlorine in the pool, from windy and cold weather, if you are in the north.

Use your regular shampoo and a small and convenient care product, such as serum. And you can choose a special shampoo with protection of the hair from adverse factors, such as Sea&Sun Summer Recovery Shampoo by Kava Kava.

Remember to always wear a hat! In cold and hot weather it is your protection of hair and health.