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Yofing Restorative Сonditioner - beauty and health of your hair

Yofing Restorative Сonditioner - beauty and health of your hair

Yofing Restorative Conditioner - a product created to restore damaged hair due to heat treatment or chemical exposure. It restores its former strength and beauty to damaged curls, makes them stronger and shiny. The composition of the air conditioner is rich in useful components that contribute to faster regeneration. Prevents fragility, split ends, moisturizes and nourishes well. As a result, the hair ceases to be dry. The former beauty and health returns to them. This is a great option for naughty curly hair. Perfectly smoothes curls, makes them obedient and soft.

The former beauty and smoothness of the strands

The modern rhythm of life, improper care, constant heat exposure and chemical treatment are the most common causes of dullness and damage to hair. Restorative Conditioner - a tool that allows you to get rid of these problems, breathe new life into them. A well-thought-out composition will help to compensate for the lack of moisture, to restore the former elasticity, strength, gloss.

  • Recovery. Strengthens damaged curls, restoring the structure.
  • The fight against split ends. It relieves brittle hair, smooths scales.
  • Moisturizing. Helps eliminate dryness by replenishing the natural balance.
  • Smoothness. It conditions well, smoothes even the most naughty strands.

Natural ingredients for the strength of your curls

Argan Oil

It contains argan oil, known for its valuable properties. Regular use makes hair smooth and silky. Prevents the formation of split ends by gluing scales. Strengthens, nourishes curls, which positively affects growth, appearance and general condition. 

Castor oil

A great option for hair in need of hydration, protects against the negative effects of heat treatment. Prevents dryness, helps fight split ends. Curls become obedient and smooth.

Hemp oil

Positive effect on elasticity, which prevents brittleness. It has a restoring effect, restoring strength and beauty to hair damaged due to chemical or thermal effects. Nourishes and moisturizes.


Collagen perfectly retains moisture, filling the hair with shine and strength. The strands become strong, vibrant and full of energy. And split ends are less noticeable.

Mode of application:

Apply a sufficient amount to freshly washed wet hair. Spread it over its entire length, pay special attention to the tips. Then rinse it off with warm water. In case of contact with eyes, rinse it immediately with water.