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Prestige Capsules - Repair Complex


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Prestige capsules

Unique Dead-Sea Black Pearl Prestige Capsules are based on new formulas, enriched with active ingredients, aromatic extracts, oils and vitamins.

Dead-Sea Black Pearl Prestige Capsules Repair Complex help the skin which has suffered from the negative effects of sunlight and age-related changes and improve moisture balance. Also Black Pearl Prestige Capsules improve skin's elasticity and regenerate it.

The serum which is sealed in Black Pearl Prestige Capsules is prevented from oxidation, thereby healing effect and bio stimulation of skin cells are much stronger.
The serum is also rich of active ingredients, natural plant extracts, red and brown algae, oils gotu kola, borage, and vitamins that are absorbed deep into the skin cells, restores the natural balance and the integrity of the epidermis.
All that makes the Dead-Sea Black Pearl Prestige Capsuls Repear Complex to be a powerfull tool in your anti-aging protection arsenal.

How to use:

Apply each evening on a clean skin before applying a moisturizing / nourishing cream. The capsules are also suitable for the skin of the neck. The course lasts for 2 months: the first three weeks - 1 capsule every day; Further - 1 capsule every other day.

Active Ingredients:

Dead Sea Minerals, Pearl Powder, Vitamin E, Borage Oil, Seaweed (Alge) Extract.

40 capsules

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