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How to stay beautiful, despite the hot summer: 10 Dos and Don'ts

How to stay beautiful, despite the hot summer: 10 Dos and Don'ts

Today we would like to share our hot weather tips that will help you keep your cool in all senses. Heat is our enemy when it comes to skin care, but you must solve this problem step by step. The right treatment at the right time will help you.

1. Moisturize

Face skin has many pores and can produce a lot of sweat. Strange, but it does not moisturise at all, but, on the contrary, dries. Therefore, in the heat it is especially important to clean your face often and apply a moisturiser after each time. The cream should be light, from the summer line of a cosmetic brand.

2. Peel off and scrub

But not too much. Daily exfoliation products, like Gentle Facial Peeling Cream by Modagor are suitable for the summer in case that your skin is not sensitive and allergic. Twice a week, you can use a scrub or a rolling mask. Once a week, we recommend intensive cleansing with enzymes and acids. Be sure to moisturise after the procedure. A suitable tonic after exfoliation will help remove irritation.

3. Sun Cosmetics

For protection on intense sunny days you will need SPF 30 or more. For a blonde or a redhead, an allergy, a dermatitis or a pregnant, protection is needed more - SPF 40-50. But the secret to using sun creams is that they must be washed off after being in the sun. There are dense texture and a lot of zinc, and it's not good to your skin for the summer.

4. Clean better than always

Remember that pores do not breathe under makeup, so it must be removed. A good summer idea is partial makeup, only eyes and lips, or just blush. Try highlighter instead of foundation. It is easier to remove from the skin and its texture is lighter. Perhaps in the summer you will need to remove makeup two to three times a day, so moisturise the skin also 3 times. To clean your face gently try Refreshing Cleansing Gel by Ahava, which take care about skin pore, prevents acne and supports the skin's balance.

5. When the weather is hot, do not use heavy creams with a nutritional effect. The thing is their residues on the skin, which heat the skin more and last on it. Fluid is the best solution because it is very thin and light, completely absorbed, does not stay on the skin and heat it.

6. No need to do experiments or complex procedures on the skin during hot weather. The effect of care products is diminishing, and the procedure to become different from what it should have been. Also the best time for invasive cosmetology is spring or autumn. Care for your skin gently and easily while the sun is so hot.

7. Do not apply irritating creams to your face, such as peeling or tan activator. You'll get more harm than profit.

8. Don't leave the mask on the skin for a longer time than notes in the instructions. If the mask is made of mud, like Magic Mud Mask by Health & Beauty, then there will be no problem. But if it has proteins, such as a snail mucin, or enzymes, they can go bad right on the face.

9. If you are a hiking or walk-lover, use a special treatment - cosmetic mist. This is the best way to moisturise your skin on top of makeup, and is quite good for skin when there is no way to wash out your face.

10. Never tan and have a professional cleaning your face on the same day. Tanning is a reaction to the sun, which provides damage to skin cells. Tanning in any form causes irritation and makes the skin react intensely to any action. Don't have a tan and procedures all together, because you risk damaging the skin twice. Reschedule the procedure or leave the sun on this day.

Some of these advices are just common sense, others are experience, and others are hacks that help you to stay fresh in the summer heatwave. Just follow our golden rules, and hot weather will not make you sad with your skin and makeup.