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What is Dead Sea Minerals for your beauty?

What is Dead Sea Minerals for your beauty?

The Dead Sea is a wonder of the world, one of the rare inland seas of the world's oceans. In the Dead Sea, due to the high concentration of salts in the water, fish, plants and other creatures do not live. But this water is good for health, as it contains so much minerals, has a unique composition and heals the skin. How is it used in skin care cosmetics?

Why are Dead Sea minerals good for skin?

The skin needs daily cleansing and nourishment. Fallen skin particles must be removed from the surface so that they do not clog pores. Dead Sea mud is one of the best recipe for this task, for example Dead Sea Mineral Mud by Shemen Amour, that awesome cleans and purifies the skin.

Also, the skin needs to be moisturised by treatments that form a protective layer. So inner moisture will be captured inside and protect the skin from drying out. Dead Sea products often contains nature oils and algae extract to solve this problem.

At last, skin nutrition helps maintain the growth of new cells and regular regeneration of normal skin. and nutrients for skin cells are exactly the minerals of Dead Sea mud, salt and water.

Dead Sea water contains 32% salts compared to 3% salts of ordinary sea water. We also know that the Dead Sea water has a high concentration of 20 minerals such as boron, potassium, sulfur, iodine, bromide and others.

Essential Dead Sea minerals for your healthy skin:

Magnesium - accelerates cell metabolism, helping the body utilise other essential nutrients, makes anti-allergic treatment.

Calcium - calms and soothes skin cells, has anti-inflammatory properties, is necessary to strengthen cell membranes and cleanse pores.

Zinc - the natural regulation of cell growth and regeneration. Facilitates cell renewal and stimulates collagen and elastin synthesis. Zinc is an antioxidant and improves self-regulation, and is also the best natural UV filter.

Which Dead Sea products are the best?

We have compiled a short list of our favorite Dead Sea mineral products from different brands. 

  1. Dead Sea Natural Multi-purpose Mud Cream by Pure Mineral - mud and salt with Aloe Vera extract,natural oils and vitamin E nourishes and protects your skin natural moisture.
  2. Liquid Dead Sea Salt by Ahava contains Algae and Vitamin E, which supports skin renewal, detoxifies and enhances moisture.
  3. Sea Kissed Mineral Body Lotion by Ahava is mix of Dead Sea minerals and Aloe Vera to protect and hydrate skin
  4. Complete Acne Treatment Set 2+1 by Health & Beauty Soap, drying lotion soothes and dries acne. Third part of the set is purifying mud mask, that cleanses, purifies and balances the skin.
  5. Dead Sea Gel with a Vitamin Complex by Yofing - soothes irritated skin, reduces redness and swelling. It is good for all skin types, especially for dry and loose skin.

Is the Dead Sea good for your hair?

Yes of course! Components that are beneficial to skin beauty and health work just as well with hair. Men who are worried about seborrhea and hair loss are especially valued for hair products with Dead Sea minerals.For example, Dead Sea Shampoo for Men by Shemen Amour improves the hair structure, removes dandruff and strengthens hair roots.

Another great treatment is Moroccan Spa Dead Sea Keratin Treatment Kit by Shemen Amour, that helps to increase blood circulation, gives hair softness and helps with split ends, softens the hair and gives it a healthy glow. Try it daily to solve your problem quickly.

Is the Dead Sea water good for your skin? Yes, of course, moreover, they help to be healthier for the whole body, from the ends of the hair to the bones and joints. Use these products daily and enjoy a clean and radiant skin!