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Why should we wear SPF?

Why should we wear SPF?

With the first rays of the sun, we remember that it would be nice to add an SPF cream to our daily care, but in reality few people use sun protection on a regular basis. Most often we take these funds on vacation, and in an urban environment, most women neglect Sunscreen, limiting themselves only to moisturizing cream and thermal water. Dead Sea Shop explains how to treat your face in summer and why you need to add SPF cream to your beauty routine.


When choosing a product for the hottest season, do not skimp on SPF indicators. It makes no sense to buy a cream with a sun protection factor below 15, such filters do not provide adequate protection even in winter. Look for the UVA protection mark on the packaging. Although this type is not considered as dangerous as UVB radiation, it is also a cause of sunburn and a major factor in suppressing the immune system. UVA radiation is always present, regardless of the season, and rays of this group can also penetrate glass. For these reasons, add UVA protection cream to your bathroom shelf and use it regardless of the number of sunny days in the year.


So that the sunscreen does not ruin the makeup and does not interfere with the usual care, it is worth observing a certain sequence. After washing, use a toner, then you can apply a moisturizing serum or your usual face cream. Do not overload your face with dense textures - fluids, jellies and gels are perfect for the hot season. Let the main product soak in, after 7-10 minutes use an SPF cream. After applying the SPF product, you need to wait another 10 minutes, and then you can start making up. Sun filters are usually not very stable, so it is best to renew the cream every two hours.

The sun's rays are one of the main factors in premature skin aging.

If you are aware of this fact, then using SPF products every day can be as natural as brushing your teeth. To make Sunscreen a part of your beauty ritual, you need to place an SPF product next to the serum and day cream you use regularly.

The best way to restore and moisturize your skin after sunbathing is through professional skincare. Many coastal hotels even have SPA services for guests who don't notice hours on the beach. If it is not possible to consult a specialist, then pay attention to SPF products on our website.